Get That Crispy

1. Get That Crispy
2. Cologne
3. What Is Now?
4. Chit Chat with a Chick from Chad
5. Swamp
6. The Dandy Lion
7. Tell Me Where to Go
8. Sleeping Cow


Definitely Something

1. Zawinul
2. Honey on My Knees (feat. Frank Deruytter & Jamal Thomas)
3. Stop Calling Me (feat. Big Mike)
4. Getting There (feat. Coen Molenaar)
5. Simply Intricate (feat. Rafael Morales)
6. Every Heart Has a Beat
7. Two Rivers (feat. Mame Balla & Dela Botri)
8. Chill Yo!
9. Det Funka
10. Nothing’s Missing (feat. Poliana Vieira)
11. Definitely Something

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